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All works you can purchase as signed limited Edition of 30 Pieces 30x45cm Fineartprints on Watercolor or Highglossy Paper for a llong lasting artworks more than 75 Years.

Euro / USD 150.-

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Ever since he was a very young boy it has been one of Walter Spaeth`s dream to express his ideas and inspirations. And so it doesn`t come as a surprise that photography soon attracted his attention. At the age of twenty he discovered the creative and technical possibilities of this medium in the black-and-white lab of a friend and began thinking about how it could help him realize his dream. In 1972, though, photography was far less sophisticated than it is today. It proved to be an advantage, as Walter Spaeth spent his first years concentrating on the basic techniques and principles of composition. He thoroughy learned the craft and perfected his skills.

In the mid-90`s then the full extent of his creativity became apparent. Computers made their appearance in the photo scene and allowed the editing of pictures, something which Spaeth started doing with great fascination and success. Between 1990 and 2000 Spaeth won more than 30 awards, including Deja-GmbH´s 10 000 Mark “Take care” award, which he received in a festive ceremony at the Photokina 2000 in Cologne for his excellent work “World Protect I”.

What distinguishes Walter Spaeth`s work - according to fans of his photos - is his very personal creativity, which lets him create whole visual worlds, and combine light, color, and forms into ever new compositions that captivate the viewer`s eye. In all that he shows a range of artistic skills which seems infinite and covers multiple styles.

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